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Pu-pha’polo is Specialized and official supplier for traditional leather jackets.
All of this began in 1972. The jackets are a marvellous combination of craftsmanship, style & Quality. Originally designed jackets and worn as a separate garment in today’s fashion. It is very light weight and made off the finest materials. The leather is being selected for softness; beauty and durability and are used 2 prepare the garments. It is a high standard product; Pu-pha’polo is the number one in making the garment your own; jackets are cut to your specs so it fits the way you want it to! It is really a pleasure to wear; You'll have to experience one to understand. If you are blessed with the opportunity to own one of these, don't hesitate to buy; you will feel the difference. It is designed for all weather conditions; but take care; garments will retain it’s beauty if you follow the suggestions for leather treatment;

  • Use a sponge to remove dust .
  • Do not store in plastic bag.
  • Do not attempt to launder by hand or machine.
  • Do not dry clean by ordinary methods. Leather specialist only
  • Avoid cleaning fluids or abrasives as they may discolour the leather.
  • Store you leather jacket on a wide hanger so it can hang freely and breath freely
  • If your jacket gets wet, do not expose it to heat. Dry in the air on a hanger.
  • Regularly brush and don’t use chemicals.

Leather is a natural product so it should be looking natural; not even one jacket is similar to the other;
100% Natural materials.
When you are hesitate please advice a leather specialist why these jackets belongs to the best! .


Jackets are warranted to be free from imperfections for the time of one year after the date you bought the jacket. The warranty covers all normal usage and does not cover abuse, improper use or damage. Defender warrants the leather against splitting or tearing under normal conditions of usage for a period of two years from date of delivery. This warranty does not apply to natural imperfections, wrinkling variations or natural marks in the grain and colour of the leather. These are not defects but occur naturally in our leathers, which is used to upholster your product. This warranty does not cover discoloration or colour variation of leather, which results from spills of paint, dye, ink, acid or other corrosive substances, or from exposure to direct sunlight or other heat sources. Furthermore, this warranty does not apply to damage by rough or sharp objects, burns, pets, or damaged by bullets.
If you have a problem with your jacket at any time, go to your own dealer and tell them your problem; they decide whether it is necessary to sent the jacket to us or they prepare it themselves ; you can also e-mail us at Info@pu-pha.com and we will tell whatever we can do to make you happy again with your incredible purchase. Please note; When it is not a problem of warranty which is our fault we might be charge you for the costs; but our coal is to keep you happy with the number one you bought! pu-pha’polo Company