pu-pha'polo ® | MEN ONLY ™ | COLOMBIA

Our core brand, pu-pha' polo, we picked up to ensure that the end product satisfy the expectations of our customer. The division, pure inspiration of identity, built by quality products. All products are made and checked on quality.

We bring products and services to satisfy our “Grupo”. With almost 6 years, we enjoy great reputation and experience international businesses among our customers. Uprightness is our attitude to do business. From our building network we look further within and outside the Benelux for more future business. For Importers or agents, be open to get contact with pu-pha’polo company to discus the possibilities for that.

McCrus international B.V.| The Netherlands. Pu-pha'polo is registered trademark, the slogans Saludo de la calle, Grupo di Colombia, McCrus, slogans and philosophy are trade marks of pu-pha which conduct within McCrus international BV | The Netherlands.

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