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Bogota - pu-pha'polo ® | MEN ONLY ™ Colombian Mosquito dí College Society Ðeluxe is a tough and rugged and trendy fashion label with identity for men.

The start of this experience took place in 2006 by a young dynamic team. Dí ‘Grupo di Colombia’ experience has formed the Colombian Mosquito College Society. The label is characterized by Spanish-Colombian influences and culture. Through contemporary interpretation of these influences is pu-pha "in a refreshing fashion for 2012," The pu-pha's College Society ", the" 46 G deluxe collection "TEAM 46G which Pu-pha" distinguishes itself by image, high quality and designs with stylish products for men in the middle: high segment.

On pu-pha.com will find a small impression of this collection by a series of products that pu-pha' currently brings. Pu-pha' Colombia presents itself through a collection of jackets, nylon, denim, leather, tops.

The brand is experiencing growth, and started in 2011 with the launching of pu-pha' 'Colombian Mosquito' collection inspired by the flag of Córdoba. The label manager is pleased and experience the growth of the label precisely by the experience, passion and inspiration that pu-pha 'out. The Colombian Society College Mosquito TEAM 46g collection catching on. The new items are arrived. The Bead di Colombia Sweat Collection TEAM 46G is now available. Shop at pu-pha'polo ®. We have an expectation of further collections and over in 2012. With a few people in the sales, we work hard and sows the label of the College Society. Day after day we are working to recruit retailers and consumers and those who bring themselves to offer the deluxe product. Summer 2012 is again a broadening of the identity of the label Colombian Mosquito. The first items are in store now.

Furthermore, the performers Grant Scott and Arjan with the new single "Someone Like You" wish the emotion of pu-pha well. Pu-pha' does that where fashion stands for: from pu-pha's mind dropped experience. Philosophy, identity and lifestyle. The new single remix "Glory Day mid spring summer 2012" from J.J. Mc.Crus is a preview of the new summer dance smash and the collection of 2012. In addition to the existing collection "The wooden bead di Colombia" is pu-pha'Colombia coming with "Colombian Mosquito". The label pu-pha'polo ® | MEN ONLY ™ Deluxe Colombia College Society is housed and conducted by McCrus International BV, The Netherlands. Our aim is building the College Society within and outside the Benelux.

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